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Second morning at Patnitop, Jammu and Kashmir, beautiful Himachal, majestic Himalayas part 2

Looking through foliage

Looking through the branches the hillside just opposite was bathed in soft light now. Layer after layer of tall trees rose to stop at a large bald patch on the hillside. Rows of tree at the top looked like hairs standing on a bald head. That must be the effect of snowing...

Patnitop day one, Jammu, beautiful Himachal, majestic Himalayas part 1

Flower bed at Patnitop

"That's all?" I asked. My friend added, "We have Patnitop not far from Jammu. You may perhaps like a short trip to Patnitop after a break at Jammu." I liked the idea. Though Patnitop belonged to the state of Jammu and Kashmir, it would provide a nice little topping to the gorgeous Dalhousie Khajjiar treat, we decided...

Inside the Garu forest, part 3

In the heart of the dense darkening jungle Garu

If you ever have experienced sheer terror, you would know that after some time, mind and body adjusts somewhat. Wild fluttering of the heart turns into numbness. We trudged on and on. I am more or less sure we didn’t have much faith in reaching safety that night. As in life we move on by habit, mind unthinking our legs moved us forward...

Gurudongmar, The Lake of Legends Part 3

Sacred Gurudongmar lake

We had reached the Gurudongmar lake. Wherever you could see, it was all white and covered by fresh snow. Just below the hump was the Gurudongmar lake. On the right side of the lake, stood the majestic Gurudongmar peaks which seemed to grow out of the lake shining against the deep blue sky punctuated by sporadic white plumes of cloud...

Inside the Garu forest, part 2

Narrow animal trail leaving the wide jungle path at Garu

Unlike Betla, the forest was very thick in this area. The tall trees jostled against each other. Thick undergrowth covered the forest floor. Our guide told us in a low voice that the trail belonged to animals. On this trail only animals moved. We felt a touch of danger..

Inside the Garu forest, part 1

Bluish green hills from bridge on North Koel at Garu

Suddenly faint roar of rushing water could be heard on the right side of the road. Glimpses of hint of a river could be caught through the now thinning wall of trees. Without any warning, the bus turned right and the wheels rolled on the surface of a bridge across the till now hidden river. Angry muddy waves roared on down below...


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