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Out of Khajjiar on the way back, beautiful Himachal, majestic Himalayas part 8

May not see me enter again

This is the Pir Panjal mountain range running from east-southeast to west-northwest across Himachal Pradesh. The highest peak in this lower Himalayan range is Indrasan (6221m). Further to the right should be Dhauladhar behind the bend.Nowhere in between I could detect any sign of human civilization—it seemed to be all the way wilderness...

Lengthening shadows on Khajjiar meadows, beautiful Himachal, majestic Himalayas part 7

Lengthening shadows on Khajjiar glade

It was dusk at Khajjiar, a day had ended, evening was about to drop its shroud. It was leaving time. Within an hour at most it will be dark and all the human figures would take shelter in their warm enclosures. Nature would again be left to itself...

Breathtaking Khajjiar lake, beautiful Himachal, majestic Himalayas part 6

Sacred Khajjiar lake

Three of us stood together watching the scene. At first I couldn’t comprehend clearly what I saw. Not often a natural scene takes my breath away! The expanse so vast, the carpet of short soft grass so inviting, the soft curves all around so soothing! The light green of the grass merged nearly at the horizon with the dark green wall of deodar trees...

Leaving Dalhousie for Khajjiar, beautiful Himachal, majestic Himalayas part 5

Traffic on lonely mountain road

I didn’t like the sound of the name, “What a name—Khajjiar! Nothing sweet or beautiful in it.” He smiled patiently, “We call it mini-Kashmir here. You will like it.” I have no special fascination for Kashmir or any other so-called most beautiful tourist place. Anywhere. For me a span of wilderness with deep green cover...

Snow ball fight at Patnitop, Jammu and Kashmir, beautiful Himachal, majestic Himalayas part 3

Snow at touching distance

After leaving the rest house, the road went down a bit and then leveled up still turning around in gentle curves. The snow point was not really a village or a specific place where establishments existed—it was just a stretch on the winding road where the low hillside rose on the left and went down below on the right, both covered with patchy layers of snow...

Second morning at Patnitop, Jammu and Kashmir, beautiful Himachal, majestic Himalayas part 2

Looking through foliage

Looking through the branches the hillside just opposite was bathed in soft light now. Layer after layer of tall trees rose to stop at a large bald patch on the hillside. Rows of tree at the top looked like hairs standing on a bald head. That must be the effect of snowing...

Patnitop day one, Jammu, beautiful Himachal, majestic Himalayas part 1

Flower bed at Patnitop

"That's all?" I asked. My friend added, "We have Patnitop not far from Jammu. You may perhaps like a short trip to Patnitop after a break at Jammu." I liked the idea. Though Patnitop belonged to the state of Jammu and Kashmir, it would provide a nice little topping to the gorgeous Dalhousie Khajjiar treat, we decided...

Inside the Garu forest, part 3

In the heart of the dense darkening jungle Garu

If you ever have experienced sheer terror, you would know that after some time, mind and body adjusts somewhat. Wild fluttering of the heart turns into numbness. We trudged on and on. I am more or less sure we didn’t have much faith in reaching safety that night. As in life we move on by habit, mind unthinking our legs moved us forward...


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