Lunglei spread over green hills of Mizoram

Lunglei on the Mizoram hills

As soon as we left plains, the road became meandering mountain road with mountains on one side and deep gorges on the other side. Tall wild bamboo groves were shooting up straight towards the sky all along the gorges. Those lush green deep forests up to the horizon became haunting with the fading soft light of approaching evening..

Inside the Garu forest, part 1

Bluish green hills from bridge on North Koel at Garu

Suddenly faint roar of rushing water could be heard on the right side of the road. Glimpses of hint of a river could be caught through the now thinning wall of trees. Without any warning, the bus turned right and the wheels rolled on the surface of a bridge across the till now hidden river. Angry muddy waves roared on down below...

A pleasant morning with Koina and the forest, Manoharpur part 1

Sweet meandering river Koina, Manoharpur

We felt free. Now it was time to go down to the river that waited for us. No hurry anywhere. Slowly we savored the atmosphere around—the two feet deep river leisurely flowing towards its destination, the brown leaved trees giving way to sparkling bright greens and reds; our jungles are full of colors...

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