What matters most in life

What matters most in life

Goal analysis of life to discover whether wealth, power or something else is the most important one

Life is a very mysterious and complex journey. We make it more complex. It’s all about our thinking. Some people think that the main goal of life is to accumulate resources, vie for power and control over other people and go on to accumulate more resources.

Some other think life is about living it happily and contentedly. The human nature is though, permeated to the core by the modern indoctrinate, is never content. Nobody is satisfied with what they have and they want more and more. Of what you may ask. Well, everything. When you are a kid, you watch all the glittery and stupendous new advertisements, or you watch that new kid’s show. You know what you want. That new toy! That new toy! That new computer, that new tablet. On and on it goes and never ends.

Then you grow up to be a teenager, you seem to know that you know really what you want. You have the blessed feeling of being right all the time. You want the new bike, new phone, new everything. Mom! My friend has the latest iPhone! Guess what it can do! That's it. They get a new iPhone in their next birthday.

You get a job. The first job. You are so excited! That first stash of money. Your own earning.

Well you gotta spend it right? And nobody is going to tell you what to do or not to do with that.

Guess what, you go out and get that shiny new car. You are happy and contented. Nope. They come up with a newer model a few months later. It’s got that exciting new feature. Yes, you guessed it right. You go right ahead and upgrade that car. And so it goes on, for everything. Cars, houses, phones, even friends and spouses.

Satisfaction is a lie. Nobody is ever contended with anything. You always want the better, the best, the better than the best. And that's how the life goes on. The system is designed in such a way to make you basically a modern slave. The financial system plays a major part in how people think. We think we are independent, but actually we are controlled by the financial system. In every walk of life, from medicine, education, engineering, you name it. Money dictates everything. Money dictates who you are and who you will be. Well, think about it. Your ego completely changes when you are a powerful person with a whole lot of finances at your disposal and when you are a pauper with nothing. So, you behave according to your status and finances.

That ego is not who you are. It is only a mask. The real you is just associated with that ego. All our emotions that are attached to the ego are just chains binding us and holding us down. We all have a great purpose here on earth and we are lucky that we are born as humans. Only humans have the ability to comprehend the full ability of our conscience and work towards honing our "spiritual" self. We have been given the means to achieve the exact purpose we are expected to serve. Just that we have to know our purpose.

Anger, hatred, pain, grief, happiness and love. We all are slaves to these emotions. When any of them overcomes us, we just "leave" ourselves in the hands of the emotion. When we regain our composure, we just say "Oh I did that as I was angry!". "I don't want to go there as I am sad." "Oh I am so happy I can do anything you tell me to do today." All these show is that we are driven by our emotions.

The basic nature of a human conscience is such that we would never want to harm somebody or extract happiness from someone's misery. Still we do that. We all do that at some level.

The only thing that can help is love. It's not just love for your family, its love for everybody. Every living thing on earth. You don't need to hate everyone that you cross path with. Think about it. Hatred gives rise to all other negative emotions. Anger, jealousy, pain, grief. If you hate somebody, and if you are honest with yourself, you will always carry a burden and your heart will always feel heavy no matter how much money you earn, no matter whatever expensive toy you buy for yourself, no matter how high you rise. The burden is always there. Try this simple trick. Try to forgive the person. It won't be easy. It will probably be the most difficult thing you do. But the results are astounding. You feel light-hearted. You feel relieved of a very heavy burden, which you were not meant to carry. Human conscience is not designed to carry the burdens. Your appetite improves. Suddenly the world is a better place and guess what, you are happy. I mean really happy.

Love for something or someone also doesn't mean you are possessive or greatly attached to them. This in turn causes jealousy, insecurity and the plethora of the negative emotions. So, there has to be a balance. 

Balance is nature. In some level we and our conscience is connected to what we call nature. So, we also crave for a balance in everything. Extremes are dangerous and not stable. By nature, everything bounces back towards a state of balance.

In our lives, basically our consciousness and the mind and body act in different frequencies, so there is always a discrepancy and the rift gets wider as we leave ourselves to our emotions.

The life is basically a journey as many have said. You start, you end and you do not take anything with you then. You leave all your estates, money, cars, family here. Whatever resources you use basically you "borrow" and return it when you go. So, why the ego and negative emotions, which basically paints the majority of the journey with grief and bad memories.

At the end you would be left with only memories and your burdens. The more bad memories you have, the less of the good ones you will have.

Every time you do something good for someone else, the amount of joy it gives is incomparable to anything you will ever feel when doing something for yourself. That joy and contention washes over you like a bright cleansing wave of light and makes you feel happier and more accomplished. That is one of the goals of life. When you help someone in need and for a good purpose without any expectations, you always collect the good memories for your journey ahead.

I am not saying I am perfect and I am already devoid of all the bad qualities. But at least I am thinking. I know the path and I am striving everyday to take that path, and I am failing. But still I am going to try tomorrow and the day after and the day after.

We will reach in perfect harmony with our soul and conscience when the only thought that enters our mind is love. That will only happen when we strive for that. That is the only thing that matters and that is why our birth as humans happened.

Note: Republished from suresolv.com.