I am here, Now.
Sitting in this fruity grove;
from the sweltering sun.
A little butterfly
visits me,
with a flutter, and a sigh.
Let me bask
in her sorrow;
For I am here Now.

And an aphid,
green and plump,
perhaps having mistaken
my toe, for a juicy stem,
goes wandering by.
Wander, my heart, for a while;
For I am here Now.

I sit here,
among yesterday's fruit,
strewn, like black jewels
over the emerald grass.
Let the ladybugs feast,
on the past;
For I am here Now.

And I will not say,
I wish you were here;
For the bond that I share,
with the drunk lush leaves,
and the roots of the grass,
and the countless creatures,
frolicking within;
That bond, I find reflected,
in you.

So, with a mouthful of berries,
I exclaim:
"I care not for tomorrow's buds
Whether they wither,
or bloom".
For tomorrow always,
seems to loom,
the Here and Now.