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Primal Call, Prelude to Nagzira

As if a dream, Nagzira forest, Gondia, Maharashtra

Within me, there lives another. A lonesome friend. My days pass with a cloying pace, dreamlike, hazy, until suddenly, I hear his call. His voice, like a long forgotten memory, whispers, “Ready? It has been too long. I hunger. I hunger to be among the trees, I dream of walking among the fallen leaves, which were once as restless as I.”

Walking among the fallen leaves, Nagzira forest

Walking among the fallen leaves, Nagzira forest

This call from within, I can never leave unanswered. It is the call of the path, of the never-ending journey, heedless of time and space. Without destination, without answers, with only a feeling of being.

The never ending path bends ahead, Nagzira forest

The never-ending path bends ahead, Nagzira forest

It was February when my friend of solitude beckoned. I was lost, in an evening reverie when suddenly I felt his thoughts tugging and pulling impatiently at my heart. I looked around with silent desperation. Everything spun, madly, with an air of the virtual. My mind was fraught with longing. Longing for an escape; no, a release from the chains of the endless brick and mortar of my world. Too long have I been asleep.

I belong to nature. To the trees, to every speck of life among them. The primal cord that nourishes every soul cannot ever be severed. I knew. As did my friend.

As if a dream, Nagzira forest

As if a dream, Nagzira forest

Trip time: 
February 2012
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Ocean River Mountain: 
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Nagzira MH
21° 14' 53.412" N, 79° 59' 11.7276" E
Maharashtra IN