Wildlife safari

Journey into the Tiger Reserve, Dreaming Nagzira

Welcoming majestic peacock, Nagzira Tiger Reserve

The name of the Nagzira forest is Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve while Navegaon Bandh, or Navegaon dam is the destination twin to Nagzira. Most tourists visit both as did Anindya and his group. But as I knew Navegaon to be mainly a dam-like very large lake with plenty of birds and cheetals, I dropped it. Let me be in undiluted Nagzira forest for the whole period, I decided...

Lunglei spread over green hills of Mizoram

Lunglei on the Mizoram hills

As soon as we left plains, the road became meandering mountain road with mountains on one side and deep gorges on the other side. Tall wild bamboo groves were shooting up straight towards the sky all along the gorges. Those lush green deep forests up to the horizon became haunting with the fading soft light of approaching evening..

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